Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New England Landscapes

Yellow Iris  oil  8x10

Into the Field  oil  8x10

View from Eliot Cottage  oil  8x10

Winter Cord  oil  8x10

Sugar Maple  oil  10x8

Pond Brook Ice  oil  9x12

Rust and Olive  oil  11x14

J Alden Wier Farm  oil  9x12

Taunton Lake  oil  8x10

January Drifting  oil  10x8

Holcombe Meadow  oil  9x12

Mitchell Farm  oil  12x16

July Colors  oil  6x8

Anthony's Dream  oil  8x10

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Western Landscapes

Upper Basin  oil  16x20

Yosemite Falls  oil  8x10

Hoback River  oil  6x8

On the way to Big Sky  oil  8x10

Gallatin River  oil  8x10

Beehive Basin  oil  9x12

Ousel Falls  oil  9x12

Paradise Valley  oil  6x8

Spanish Creek  oil  9x12

September Snow  oil  16x20

Buffalo Valley  oil  16x20

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Halibut Point  oil  9x12

Burnt Head  oil  9x12

Acadian Shoreline  oil  9x12

Oyster Bay  oil  9x12

Relentless  oil  11x14

Rolling Fog  oil  12x16

Seaward Surf  oil  9x12

Wooden Geometry  oil  9x12

Ferris View

Ferris View  oil  6x8